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This page describes hiking on the Metacomet and Mattabassett Trails from the viewpoint of accessing these trails from within the Town of Berlin. These trails traverse Berlin's ridges, which are of volcanic origin, and offer good hiking terrain, an outdoor experience, nature observation and some surprising vistas.

The Metacomet and Mattabassett Trails are two hiking trails in Connecticut's "Blue-Blazed" Hiking Trail System, which is maintained by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association (CFPA). Blue blazes are rectangular markings painted on trees and rocks to identify the trail for hikers. More information on the blue-blazed hiking trails is available from CFPA, Middlefield, CT.

Metacomet Trail - Orchard Road to Summitwood Road Cul-de-sac

About 1.6 miles one way, with blue blazes; Elevation Range, 250 FT

Difficulty: Moderate

There is limited parking at the Orchard Road trailhead opposite Kensington Road. Do not block farm lane. Do not park on travel portion of road.

There is parking for several cars at the Summitwood Road cul-de-sac. Summitwood Road can be reached by taking Orchard Road to Linden

Road, approximately .5 mile east from the Chamberlain Highway (Rte 71).

Trail description:
From Orchard Road the trail goes south past two ponds, crosses a small stream, passes through a pasture gate, and follows the west side of Crooked Brook. The trail along Crooked Brook, while fairly level and clearly blazed, is very rocky under foot without a well-defined footpath. At power line (1 mi.) turn right and follow the power line to Summitwood Road (1.4 mi.). Cross Summitwood Road and immediately turn left following a right-of-way between houses and the road. Reach cul-de-sac to the left of the trail (1.6 mi.).

Metacomet Trail - Summitwood Road to Park Drive

About 2.7 miles one way, with blue blazes; Elevation Range 150 FT.

Difficulty: Moderate

Summitwood Road can be reached by taking Orchard Road to Linden Road, approximately .5 mi. east from the Chamberlain Highway (Rte 71). Parking is not permitted at the end of Park Drive. There is parking for several cars at the Summitwood Road cul-de-sac.

Trail description:
The trail can be located a few yards just to the west of the Summitwood Road cul-de-sac. Follow the trail to the left (south) and soon, in a southwesterly direction. Gradually climb to a pleasant ridge and follow the ridge south with limited views to the west. Go right when reaching a dirt road, go for 200 yards and then left, leaving the dirt road, down an embankment into the woods. Go through pleasant woods with steep, rocky slope uphill to the left. (Watch for snakes in this area, but please do not harm them). Go sharply right (1.5 mi.) and down a steep slope and cross a small stream. Cross the Chamberlain Highway (Rte 71) (1.6 mi.). Climb gradually on a rocky woods road and cross the Elmere Reservoir Dam (1.8 mi.). Follow woods road and reach Park Drive at Merimere Reservoir Dam (2.7 mi.).

Metacomet Trail - Park Drive to Edgewood Road

About 4.5 miles one way, with blue blazes; Elevation Range 760 FT.

Difficulty: Strenuous

There is parking for several cars at the pipeline crossing on Edgewood Road, 1 mi. north of Park Drive and 2 miles south of Southington Road (Rte 364). Parking is not permitted at the end of Park Drive. Trail description: From Park Drive, the trail crosses the Merimere Reservoir Dam on the auto road. At the west end of the dam turn left from the road and ascend in a southerly direction up the ridge with fine views from cliffs overlooking the reservoir and Mine Island. In a ravine (1.0 mi.), a trail comes in on the left from Meriden's Hubbard Park. Reach Castle Crag (1.1 mi.) with observation tower. The trail re-enters the woods to the west, passes several overlooks, and descends steeply 400 ft to a woods road (1.5). Go right from the woods road in a few yards and ascend steeply through a picturesque gorge with interesting geological features. Reach West Peak (1,024 ft) with a spectacular view (2.3 mi.). Continue in a northerly direction for approximately 1 mile, bear right off the ridge, cross the pipeline and descend gradually to Edgewood Road. The trail follows Edgewood Road 1.5 miles to the intersection of Southington Road. (4.2 mi.).

For a loop hike, follow Edgewood Road south from the pipe line crossing, go right on Park Dr to the Merimere Reservoir Dam, and follow the trail description above. The total distance of the loop is 5.5 miles.

Mattabassett Trail - Spruce Brook Road to Mount Lamentation

About 2.5 miles one way, with blue blazes; Elevation Range 520 FT.

Difficulty: Moderate

Parking is available by turning right on Valentine Drive from Spruce BrookRoad, about .6 miles from the Berlin Turnpike, and then turning left on Lamentation Drive. Park on Lamentation Drive near the sturdy gate that appears on the left.

Trail description:
Follow the blue-blazed hiking trail south, initially on an often muddy trail along the abandoned Stantack Road. The trail will soon turn right, leading you up the mountain through a hardwood and hemlock forest. After a steady climb, the trail again heads south along the cliff line, providing excellent views. Mount Lamentation is a large volcanic formation comprised of basalt rock which tilted eons ago to expose the cliff face. There are several overlook areas along the way, and the largest, highest area of bare rock is the peak of Mount Lamentation (720 ft) in Meriden. The view is spectacular, and includes East Peak, West Peak, Silver Lake, and Beaver Pond. You may continue on to Meriden's Chauncy Peak (688 ft) and Giufridda Park, about 1.5 miles from Mount Lamentation.

Metacomet Trail and its loop trail - West Lane to Ragged Mountain

About 1 mile one way to Ragged Mountain and 6 miles around a loop trail, with blue blazes; Elevation Range 560 FT.

Difficulty: Moderate

Parking for several cars is found at the trailhead at the end of West Lane, at the left bend where West Lane becomes Wigwam Road, about .75 mi. west of the Chamberlain Highway.

Trail Description:
From West Lane, access is to the Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail, which is marked by blue blazes with a red center dot. From the gate at the entrance, the trail follows a woods road and splits. Bear left at the fork, looking for the loop trail blazes. The trail ascends a hill and turns south through a wooded area. Soon you will be hiking along bare rock ledge and cliff areas with excellent views. Ragged Mountain is a large volcanic formation comprised of basalt rock, which is part of the Holyoke Range, a single rock that extends well into Massachusetts. Owl's Lair is one of the larger bare rock areas on the way to Ragged Mountain's primary destination, a large south-facing exposed rock and cliff (670 ft).

At the summit of Ragged Mountain (1.7 mi), the loop trail meets the main Metacomet Trail (now blue-blazed without the red dot) and heads north. You hike through wooded areas and reach the highest elevation of the hike, at 761' above sea level. Soon you walk along the west-facing cliffs overlooking Southington and Wesel Reservoirs. Be sure to turn right onto the Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail, again blue blazes with a red center dot (3.1 mi) if you are returning to your car at West Lane.

The north loop is mostly easier to hike, proceeding along a narrow foot trail. About 1.3 miles after leaving the Metacomet main trail (4.4 mi.), you will be at a junction of the loop trails. Be sure to follow the loop trail to the right, northerly down a woods road. The trail will soon turn to the south, passing the backgrounds of Shuffle Meadow golf course. The trail will soon make a right turn up a rugged, rocky ascent and then descend. After the trail joins another woods road, the West Lane entrance will soon appear ahead.

Safety and Trail Etiquette

  • Tell someone where you are going and your expected time of return.
  • Wear hiking boots. Dress in layers.
  • Bring sufficient water.
  • Stay on the established trail. Do not take shortcuts.
  • Don't disturb wildlife.
  • Don't take flowers, rocks, mushroom, or any vegetation.
  • Don't light fires or camp along the trail.
  • Off-Road vehicles are not permitted on town land.
  • Town Ordinance #4-97 requires dogs to be leashed on town land.
  • Carry out everything you bring in.
  • If you see litter, please help by carrying it out.

Thank you to the Connecticut Forest & Park Association for the use of descriptions from their publication, Connecticut Walk Book. This brochure made possible by members of the Berlin Land Trust, Conservation Commission, and Parks & Recreation Commission, and Town of Berlin staff.

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