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Veterans' Commission

Veterans' Commission - Membership updated January 2021

Gold Star Families Memorial Monument

If you would like to help get the Gold Star Families Memorial Monument built here in Berlin, Connecticut, you can make a donation through the Hershel Woody William Medal of Honor Foundation at this link. We have a goal to get the monument completed in 2021. Donations must be designated for the CONNECTICUT Memorial or they will not apply. Thank you all for your help.

Connecticut Gold Star Families Memorial Monument

5-22-21 Memorial Monument Groundbreaking Video

Wall of Honor - Photo Display honoring our Veterans

Veterans Service Contact Person

    Honoring all our Veterans

Berlin Veterans Memorial Park History

    America's Wars Walkway

Brick Application for Veterans' Memorial Park

Purpose/Authority: Ordinance - Code Book
Chapter II, Article 2
Part J. - Veterans' Commission.

Sec. 2-200. Composition; appointment of members.
There shall be in the town a veterans' commission composed of seven (7) electors of the town, not more than four (4) of whom shall be of any one (1) political party. Members of the veterans' commission will be appointed by the town council. During the month of January 1999 and annually in the month of January thereafter, the town council shall appoint electors to fill each expired term, and each elector shall serve for a term of three (3) years. All terms of appointed members shall commence February 1. All members shall be honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces.
(Ord. No. 3-98, § 1, 8-18-1998)

Sec. 2-201. Duties.
It shall be the duty of the veterans' commission to:
(1) Act as the coordinating agency in all matters concerning veterans and their dependents, coordinating the activities of public and private facilities concerned with veterans' reemployment, education, rehabilitation and adjustment to peacetime living;
(2) Cooperate with all national, state and local government and private agencies in securing services and benefits to which a veteran or his dependents may be entitled;
(3) Use the services and facilities of the veterans' organizations so far as possible to carry out the purposes of this division;
(4) Encourage and coordinate vocational training services for veterans; and
(5) Have supervision of the annual Memorial Day parade.
(Ord. No. 3-98, § 2, 8-18-1998)

Sec. 2-202. Reports to the town manager.
A copy of the minutes of all veterans' commission meetings shall be forwarded to the town manager within seven (7) days after each meeting. (Ord. No. 3-98, § 3, 8-18-1998)

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