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Aquifer Protection Agency

Aquifer Protection - Membership 2017


 Ordinance – Code Book

Chapter II, Article 2

Part A. - Aquifer Protection Agency.

 Sec. 2-20.  Designation and membership. 

(a)    In accordance with the provisions of state statutes § 22a-354a, et seq., the inland wetlands and water courses commission is hereby designated as the aquifer protection agency (hereinafter the “agency”) of the town.  The staff of the inland wetlands and water courses commission shall serve as the staff of the agency.

(b)    Members of the inland wetlands and water courses commission shall serve coexisting terms on the agency.  The membership requirements of the agency shall be the same as those of the inland wetlands and water courses commission including, but not limited to the number of members, terms, method of selection and removal of members, and filling of vacancies.

(c)    At least one (1) member of the agency or staff of the agency shall complete the course in technical training formulated by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection of the State of Connecticut, pursuant to state statute § 22a-354v.

(Ord. No. 3-93, 9-14-1993; Ord. No. 06-06, 11-28-2006)

 Sec. 2-21.  Adoption of regulations. 

The agency shall adopt regulations in accordance with state statute § 22a-354p and R.C.S.A. § 22a-354i-3.  Said regulations shall provide for:

(1)    The manner in which boundaries of aquifer protection areas shall be established and amended or changed.

(2)    Procedures for the regulation of activity within the area.

(3)    The form for an application to conduct regulated activities within the area.

(4)    Notice and publication requirements.

(5)    Criteria and procedures for the review of applications.

(6)    Administration and enforcement.

(Ord. No. 3-93, 9-14-1993; Ord. No. 06-06, 11-28-2006)

 Sec. 2-22.  Inventory of land use

(a)    In order to carry out the purposes of the aquifer protection program, the agency will conduct an inventory of land use within the area to assess potential contamination sources.

(b)    Not later than three (3) months after approval by the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection of Level B mapping of aquifers, the agency will inventory land uses overlying the mapped zone of contribution and recharge areas of such aquifers in accordance with guidelines established by the commissioner pursuant to

(c)    state statute § 22a-354f.  Such inventory shall be completed not more than one (1) year after authorization of the agency.  (state statute § 22a-354e)

(Ord. No. 06-06, 11-28-2006)

State law reference—Authority to appoint aquifer protection agency, state statute § 22a-3540.



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