The Town of Berlin, Connecticut

Country Charm at the Center of Connecticut

Purpose and Authority

Town Charter: Section 3-1. The Council.

There shall be a Town Council consisting of seven (7) members, hereinafter referred to as "the Council." No member of the Council shall hold any other elected office under the government of the Town of Berlin.

Section 3-8. General Powers and Duties of the Council.
(a) The Council shall have the powers and duties which, prior to the effective date of this Charter, were conferred by law upon the existing boards and commissions of said town except as otherwise specifically provided in the Charter, the Connecticut General Statutes or in the Constitution of Connecticut.
(b) The legislative power of the town shall be vested exclusively in the Council except as otherwise specifically provided in this Charter.
(c) The Council shall propose an annual town budget for consideration by the electors as provided in Chapter 7 of this Charter.
(d) Any Council member shall have the power to submit any matter or issue to the Mayor, or in the Mayor's absence or disability, the Deputy Mayor, which shall be placed on the Council agenda for consideration at the next Council meeting.
(e) The Council shall have the power to make, alter or repeal ordinances provided such action is permitted by the Connecticut General Statutes; is not inconsistent with this Charter; and is for the preservation of the good order, peace, health and safety of the town and its inhabitants. No such ordinance shall be enacted, altered or repealed without a public hearing held thereon. The notice of such hearing shall be in the form of a legal advertisement appearing in a newspaper having a substantial circulation in said town and by posting a notice in a public place. The notice of such hearing shall be published not less than five (5) days prior to the hearing. The day of the hearing shall be excluded in counting such five (5) day period, and the day of publication included.
(f) Council shall have the power to incur indebtedness by issuing bonds or notes as provided in Section 6-10-6 herein.
(g) The Council shall have the power to accept or reject any and all gifts made to the town, in all cases subject to any terms of the gift. The power to convey, exchange, purchase, gift, abandon or administer town property, of any nature, shall be vested in the Council.
(h) The Town cannot purchase nor contract to purchase if such action would involve a single expenditure exceeding ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars unless the Council approves the specific purchase or contract.
(i) The Council shall have the power to establish by resolution, such study, advisory, or consulting committees, as said Town Council may determine necessary for the proper administration of the Council and for implementation of any activity of project authorized by the Council.

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