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What is the current mill rate in Berlin?
The current mill rate in Berlin is 29.56 for Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle. Effective July 1, 2023.
Where do I go to pay my taxes (Real Estate, Personal Property or Motor Vehicle)?
The Revenue Collector's Office, Room 108.
Why do I receive a separate water tax bill for Real Estate and Personal Property?
Questions regarding water tax bills should be directed to either the Kensington Fire District at 860-828-1782 or Worthington Fire District at 860-828-5630.
Can I pay for my taxes (Real Estate, Personal Property or Motor Vehicle) with one check?
Yes. You may pay for tax bills with one check made payable to Berlin Revenue Collector or Town of Berlin.
Can I pay my taxes with a credit/ debit card?
We do not accept credit/ debit payments in the office. If you would like to use a credit/ debit card to pay, please see our Online Payment Information page.
Where do I go to apply for a Veteran's Exemption?
Your Military Service Discharge papers (DD-214) must be filed with the Town Clerk's Office by September 30th for the next Grand List/tax year.
Who do I notify when I sell my vehicle?
You must bring a copy of the bill of sale and plate receipt from Motor Vehicle to the Assessor's Office.
How is my tax bill calculated?
Assessment x Mill Rate = Tax
What payment methods do you accept in the office?
We accept only cash and check in the office.
What happens if I pay late?
Tax payments must be received or US Postal Service postmarked by August 1st (1st Installment Real Estate, Motor Vehicle, & Personal Property bills) or February 1st (2nd Installment Real Estate & Supplemental Motor Vehicle bills) to avoid the accrual of interest. If a payment is received or US Postal postmarked after August 1st/ February 1st, it will immediately be subject to 3% interest (1.5% for July and 1.5% for August/ 1.5% for January and 1.5% for February). Interest will then continue to accrue at a rate of 1.5% per month (18% annually).
Can interest on my bill be waived?
No. The Revenue Collector does not have the authority to waive interest for the owner of taxable property. The taxpayer is responsible to see that taxes are paid when due. No Exceptions. CT General Statute 12-146.
How do I have the mailing address corrected on my tax bill?
Real Estate and Personal Property bills: please contact the Assessor's Office at (860) 828-7067. Motor Vehicle bills: correct the address on your car registration, done through DMV.
I am being improperly billed for a motor vehicle. What should I do?
Contact the Assessor’s Office at 860-828-7067. DO NOT IGNORE YOUR BILL! You may be entitled to an adjustment.
What if my bill says "BACK TAXES ALSO DUE"?
This means that at the time the tax bills were printed, there was an unpaid tax bill in your name from a previous billing cycle. The bill you have just received does not include any prior year's delinquencies. Call the tax office at 860-828-7023 for a grand total of what you owe.
I need to register a vehicle/ renew my registration, but DMV says I need a release from the tax office. What do I do?
Since all unpaid Motor Vehicles are reported to the DMV by the tax office, you must pay any and all Motor Vehicle taxes under your name by cash or a certified check in order to be cleared electronically by the tax office. Any back taxes paid with a personal check will not be released for TEN days from the date the check was deposited.
What if I did not receive all of my tax bills?
Call the tax office at 860-828-7023 and we will send you a duplicate bill. If you have an escrow account and the real estate tax bill was sent to you, please forward the bill to your bank. If you own property in town and do not escrow with a bank or mortgage company and did not receive a tax bill, please call our office. Failure to receive a bill does not invalidate the tax or the interest that accrues if the bill is not paid on time.
How do I avoid a lien being placed on my real estate property?
Pay your real estate taxes on time. Any real estate property with an unpaid balance of ANY amount will be liened on June 1st and that lien will be filed on the land records in our Town Clerk’s office. If a property is liened and the taxes are subsequently paid with cash, said lien will be removed immediately. Delinquent real estate taxes can be paid with a personal check but any liens involved will only be released after 10 business days from date of deposit.
I'm filing my income taxes, how do I know what taxes I paid in the previous year?
You can refer to the receipts you received when you paid your bill(s). If you no longer have those receipts, please refer to the link below for instructions on how to generate a list of all taxes paid in the previous year.
What does it mean when my bill is with collection?
Motor Vehicle bills that are in collection and are subject to additional fees. These bills can only be paid through TaxServ. For more information on what is due and to set-up a payment plan, please contact TaxServ toll free at (866) 497-2427.
Results 1-19 of 19

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