The Town of Berlin, Connecticut

Country Charm at the Center of Connecticut


Dog License General Information



 New Dog:

 New dogs over the age of six (6) months must be licensed by their owner within thirty (30) days of adopting the dog.  The new owner should provide papers showing the dog was obtained from a licensed kennel or animal welfare organization or was imported into the state within the last thirty (30) days to avoid any penalties for late licensing.

Any owner of a dog previously licensed should present the license and tag to the town clerk of the town that he/she lives in and the town clerk will issue a new license and tag for the dog.  The town clerk must retain the old license and tag. (Statute 22-339)

 New Dogs or Renewing License:

 A license can not be issued unless a valid rabies certificate is provided, signed by a licensed veterinarian.  The certificate should include the date of vaccination and duration of immunity.  Exception:  if the owner can provide a rabies vaccination exemption certificate issued by the State Veterinarian or Commissioner of Agriculture or the Commissioner’s designee.  Such certificate is valid for one year.  (Statutes 22-338(b), 22-338(c), 22-339b).

 All dog licenses must be renewed during the month of June.  (Statute 22-338).  Rabies vaccine MUST be current to through July 1st to renew the dog license for 2021.

 Neutered or Spayed Dogs:

 The first time an owner applies for a license after the dog has been neutered or spayed the owner must provide a certificate from a licensed veterinarian stating that he/she has performed this surgery or has examined the dog and found it to be neutered or spayed.  (Statute 22-340)

Guide Dogs:

 No fee shall be charged for the license and tag to any blind, deaf or mobility impaired person who is the owner or keeper of a dog trained to guide and assist him/her.  Also, if satisfactory evidence is provided no fee shall be charged for the license and tag of any dog between six (6) months to one (1) year of age, placed for training as a guide dog by an organization that supplies such guide dogs.  (Statute 22-345).

 New town of residence within Connecticut:

 If you move to another town within Connecticut, you shall present the current license and tag to the town clerk of your new town and he/her will issue a new license and tag.  The town clerk must retain the old license and tag.  (Statute 22-352).

Replacement of Old Tag:

 Replacement tags are issued by the town clerk.  (Statute 22-341(a)).


                         Dog – Male/Female:                                      $19.00

                        Dog – Neuter/Spay                                         $  8.00

                        Penalty for failure to license                          $  1.00 per month

                        New Residence                                               50 cents

                        Replacement                                                   50 cents

                        Previously licensed dog – new owner            $1.00